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Top Tips - How to Protect Yourself when Shopping Online


What to do before, during and after your Black Friday online shopping sprees, to protect yourself and your loved ones from possible hackers and identity theft.


Making KYC Simple with Partners Web Portal


At ThisIsMe we believe that any business, regardless of the size or industry, can benefit from new customer insights, reduced risk and increased revenue as a result of efficient KYC processes. ThisIsMe's updated Partners Web Portal allows any business to benefit from powerful KYC tools at the click of a button, so you can truly know your customer.


Son of a Breach! It's happened again.



Self-Sovereign Identity


The evolution of identity to match the requirements of a digital age is upon us. What does this new form of identity management look like? Where can it be applied? When will it become pervasive? This article aims to unpack the next stage in identity, aka self-sovereign identity, in a way that is easily digestible and relatable to current challenges being faced.


The 7 Decade Defining Fintech Trends that Will Set 2018 Alight!


This article briefly unpacks the evolution of Fintech, the current problems within financial services and aims to provide a view of the major Fintech trends for 2018… Brace yourself, the revolutions is nigh!


5 Ways to Protect Yourself from Black Friday Hackers


Awareness in this digital economy is essential, without it you’re a sitting duck. Imagine walking around the jungle without any awareness as to the dangers that lurked at every turn. This is no different to navigating the digital economy without any idea of the ways that your identity can be stolen. Read on to better prepare yourself and your loved ones, to prevent the losses caused by identity theft.


5 Steps to Protect Yourself Against S.A’s Biggest Identity Data Hack


If you’re wondering whether your personally identifiable information (PII) was part of the recent Deeds data breach, there is a high probability that it was. Our investigation has identified that approximately 60m identities (including deceased identity data) were involved in the breach.


Winning at the African Fintech Awards


We entered the event as a featured startup and came away from the event as winners, with more recognition and credibility in tow. The event is perfectly positioned for the financial services sector and does a great job of featuring the future of finance through its African Fintech Awards.


Gartner's Aspiring Innovators


If you’re ever in doubt as to whether to attend a Gartner Symposium event, this post will provide you with some objective information, to make your own informed decision.


Cryptocurrency Boom, or Bubble?


Investing in cryptocurrencies seems like senseless speculation at the best of times - yet, is there a case for this continued boom, or will the ostensible bubble burst soon


AI is here, but why? 6 Reasons Why AI has Emerged in Finance


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved beyond merely capturing our imaginations - it is now replacing jobs, it is augmenting our skill sets, it is driving new discoveries on a daily basis - AI is already here, but why? How did this happen?


What The FICA


The Financial Intelligence Center Amendment Act is a piece of legislation that has been introduced to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Amendments were proposed to strengthen the FICA Act in certain areas that were deemed to be weak - these amendments have now been ratified.


How to Kill Fake News


Fake news (also known as ‘alternative facts’ or propaganda) has become the norm in the modern digital age. Fake news has existed since the time of Adam & Eve - rulers, governments and advertisers have long used it to steer popular perception.


The State of AML in Africa


African countries are generally viewed as being behind in their ability to prevent money laundering when compared to other nations. In this article I unpack some of the challenges faced on the continent and the reasons why we’re offering solutions to combat this scourge on our global financial system.


Easy as KYC


No, KYC is not just another acronym that doesn’t deserve a mention. Yes, KYC is the ofttimes painstaking process that you go through when signing on for a new account or financial service. More importantly though, KYC (Know Your Customer) refers to the due-diligence processes of any regulated business to do exactly that - know us and our businesses - their customers, so that they can transact with us in a safer way.


2017's Fintech Events List


Whether you’re looking to learn more about certain areas within Fintech, Fintech in general, or you just enjoy browsing the latest tech offerings before they become big news - the below list of the best Fintech related events, happening worldwide, will certainly give you every opportunity to benefit from some ‘F2F’ connections.


2016 Highlights Letter


ThisIsMe has grown up in 2016 - from our seminal, consumer focused offering at the beginning of the year, to a unique, privacy protected, platform that can prove that people are who they say they are, to be used by businesses around the world.


Verify Someone - A Simple Step Towards Safety in an Unsafe World.


How often have you employed someone to work in your home? A plumber perhaps, or a handyman that needs to spend time in your house while you are away? We often engage the services of people we don't know based on little more than as single telephone conversation.


How KYC ties into PEP


As KYC or know-your-customer becomes a commonplace business practice to monitor and cut off money laundering activities, financial institutions are starting to question how they can go about identifying which accounts need to be more closely monitored than others.


2017 The Year of Identity


Identity is fast becoming a valuable currency in the modern, connected world. Rather than the philosophical view on “Who am I?” “Who are you?” - being able to prove that you are who you say you are - and to successfully tie a transaction to your stated identity is where the value lies.


What happens when you reply to spam


We've all been tempted to reply to the near-constant bombardment of our email inboxes by unscrupulous scammers. The 419 scheme, the ridiculous loan offers and the inevitable online degree spring immediately to mind.


Banks must act on debit order fraud


Modern marketing theory over the past few decades has coined the phrase: ‘the customer is king’ - a concept that has somewhat been neglected by the retail banking sector. This is according to widespread customer sentiment relating to increased levels of debit order fraud i...


ID Fraud in South Africa - Infographic


The scourge of identity theft is currently running rampage through South Africa and although the consequences of this online crime are severe and long lasting, many South Africans are unfamiliar with when and how they may become a victim.


UK Teacher Murdered After Gumtree Ad Poster Lures Him Out


A male model and teaching assistant who campaigned against knife crime was stabbed to death after robbers used Gumtree to lure him into a trap to steal his laptop. Michael Adegbite, who also worked as a fitness instructor and football coach, was attacked after he advertised his secondhand MacBook on the popular classifieds website for £200.


Currency Partners (SA) Implements the ThisIsMe Solution


Currency Partners (SA), one of South Africa’s fastest growing money transfer specialists has implemented South Africa’s first online identity platform, ThisIsMe, to enhance its KYC (Know Your Customer) and compliance processes.


Social Media Verification - Can the average Joe get verified?


The little blue "Verified" check has become a status symbol across a number of social networks. But its meaning differs slightly from site to site. Here's what you need to know about earning one of your very own — and why it might be worth it to apply.


Identity Crisis - SA Franchise Warehouse


Scores of South Africans woke up to this disturbing reality when the British High Commission contacted them with the news that their UK visa applications, together with all supporting documentation, was stolen when the courier van transporting these documents to the airport was hijacked.


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