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Use our ThisIsMe app to avoid wasting time with FICA admin, to verify people when trading online and to control your identity data across our Partners network.


Why Use ThisIsMe?

Prevent Identity Theft

The risk of identity theft is higher than ever before with more than 15 million people falling victim every year. Don’t become a statistic and avoid suffering the painful losses of identity theft by using ThisIsMe’s powerful tools to protect your identity.

Instant Registration 

Why wait in lines for FICA admin? Why struggle with unnecessary amounts of paperwork? Imagine creating new, secure accounts within seconds. Create your ThisIsMe profile and use it to register new accounts within seconds.

Data Privacy

These days our identity data is being shared without regard for our right to privacy. In a world where data rights are yet to be upheld, we aim to bring more control to protecting your identity data. Choose who you share your identity data with, with ThisIsMe.

Identify Fake Profiles

Authenticate other users within peer-to-peer platforms like Gumtree, OLX and dating sites, within seconds, using your ThisIsMe app. 


Protecting You & Your Identity

We give users complete control over their data, who they share it with and who has access to it.


How Can I Use ThisIsMe?

ThisIsMe has been developed with you, the user, at the heart of our platform. It’s easy to use, intuitive interface, affords you complete control over your identity data. 


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Share your stored Identity data and FICA documentation with any one of our merchant Partners to gain instant FICA verification.

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Identity Vault

Safely store your identity data and FICA documentation within your ThisIsMe profile.

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Instant Verify

Play it safe by instantly verifying whether they are who they say they are when interacting and transacting online.


The fastest growing crime:

identity theft statistics show over 15 million victims a year and over $50 billion in damages


My Dashboard


Manage each of your selected ThisIsMe verification and compliance products from your own dashboard - allowing you to easily control and safely store your identity data. 


ThisIsMe App


Our app has been designed to help you safely store and share your identity data and to identify people in real-time.

Step 1 - Download the app

Step 2 - Create your ThisIsMe profile

Step 3 - Use the app to verify someone's identity 


Want to know more about ThisIsMe?

Speak to one of our specialists to see how your business can benefit with our verification and validation solutions.