ThisIsMe Business

We enable businesses to reduce fraud, automate KYC, improve on-boarding & increase revenue while providing an on-demand, seamless customer experience. Use ThisIsMe's privacy compliant platform for:

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ThisIsMe Individual

ThisIsMe for Individuals is your identity management and verification tool for the modern world. Use ThisIsMe to verify people when interacting online and to control your identity data.

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Our Mission

At ThisIsMe we believe that every human and business alike should have more trust, in every transaction. We believe that by bringing more trust into transactions, we can reduce costs and ensure that transactions are safer, faster and more seamless.

We strive to close transactional trust & compliance gaps by focusing on multi-point identity verification and enhanced due diligence.

Our Approach

We provide a proprietary, mobile friendly, platform that performs multi-point identity verification and enhanced due-diligence checks in real-time. We use Machine Learning to enhance our identification and due diligence checks. We are constantly innovating to keep our customers ahead of the curve.

What We Offer

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Multi-Point Identity Verification

Gone are the days of single point identity verification. ThisIsMe offers you enhanced identity assurance via trusted, multiple source identification - including Biometric Scanning, Social Media Account Association and a smart Machine Learning Verification processes.

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Document Verification

ThisIsMe offers a world first in enhanced document verification processes.

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Mobile Consent Platform

Our user-centric, trust platform enables you to easily validate and verify anyone within seconds, whilst still maintaining privacy compliance.

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Global Sources

Get your data from the source. ThisIsMe uses the most up-to-date and authoritative global sources of data for identity verification and enhanced due-diligence.

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Real-Time Service

Know that they are they who they say they are with more certainty, in real-time.

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RESTful API Library

Our comprehensive RESTful API library provides access to everything you'll need for your compliance and identity verification checks.

Verify, Use & Comply

Our verification services enable you to effectively and positively identify your customers (KYC/AML/FICA) in a compliant (POPI) and user controlled manner.


Trusted by Many

Our solutions have been approved and accepted across various industries.